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Live music with Selkii

Come and watch a live performance by The Voice Star - Selkii.

9/24 11am
Removing Barriers for All Students

Online Learning Department Session Presented by Donna Simiele, Technology Support Coordinator In this session, we will discuss the common barriers for all...

9/24 12:30pm
Wolf Pack Wake Up

Come and make a photo coaster.

9/25 10am
Fall 2019 Orientation Series #5

Very Important and Timely!! Make Time to Attend!! Self-Evaluations, Evaluations and Observations/Diversity and Inclusion PRESENTED BY: Lydia Ulatowski,...

9/25 2:30pm
Yoga and Massage

Join us for Yoga class and a 15-minute chair massage! Free for NCCC Students, Staff and Faculty!

9/25 4pm

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Fall Fest


Yoga and Massage


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Placement tests measure the skills you’ve already learned in high school, so taking them doesn’t require much preparation. To get ready for these tests, you can do the following:

First, check with an admission officer at your college to find out if you have to take a placement test.
If so, find out what subjects the test will cover.
Ask the admission officer what you can do to get ready. Or check the college website for information about the test and ways to prepare for it.

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best online quran classes

Memorizing the Quran and Tahfeez, with tajweed is our responsibility as a Muslim. Our Ummah is responsible for having people in the community to keep this holy book in the hearts. Once a Muslim has memorized the Holy book of Allah, it becomes the responsibility to keep it fixed and remembered it for the whole life.
For this reason one should revise daily and if possible recite the Quran to any sheik regularly so that it should remain fixed.

abdul moid

abdul moid left a review 4/22/2019

Common Help Desk Problems & Solutions
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Why Most Large Scale Companies Are Suffering With Most Common Internal Help Desk Problems
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1. Printer Problems
Normally, switching off a machine and then turning it back on solves most of the IT related problems. Sadly, some issues cannot be solved by restarting your device. The most common problem facing companies is adding printers to the network. The odd naming conventions make it difficult to figure out if a printer is in the network, or if it is working. The first step to solving such a problem is giving your printers descriptive and straightforward names for easier identification. Experts from MSP also advice people to use scripts so that the process of adding printers becomes automatic.

2. Computers Are Running Too Slowly
Is your computer taking too long to execute instructions? If that is the case, the solution is quite simple. Confirm if you are running many programs at once and ensure that you close some of them. Additionally, your computer might be carrying out scans and updates on the background without your knowledge. As a result, your computer becomes slow. If you have an excellent IT support team, they should carry out the scans and updates for you after working hours.

Your PC might also be slow because of viruses and malware. Therefore, ensure that you disconnect your PC from the network and let the IT help desk sort it out for you.

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